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When in Bataan

Kids, I’m going to tell the whole story about how I got wasted and how I accumulated my worst ever hangover. Hopefully you can learn a thing or two from me, hahaha.

Our company chose Five Fingers, Bataan for this year’s company outing. Now I know I'm always excited for summer outings because, come on, who isn't? But I was specifically excited because of these 3 things:
  1. I’ve always wanted to go here ever since the place went viral online for having a cliff-jumping site and crystal clear waters. 
  2. It’s a great opportunity to film an awesome travel video. 
  3. I can tick off another from my Project 81 list. 
You know how bad things happen when you get too excited about something? How sometimes it gets jinxed before it even happens? Yep, you guessed it right. My excitement jinxed me big time!

I was so ready for this trip. I brought all my gears, diving and cameras and shizz. The video clips that I’m aiming to film is already set in my mind for this epic travel video for my Youtube Channel (Please subscribe!) that I’m going to shoot, because honestly that’s what I was most excited about, heh. The cliff dive and the back flip clip, the drone shots, the diving clip, EVERYTHING was all set in my mind, even my outfits and OOTD photos, haha.

Yeah so, we were all so pumped for the trip because we badly needed a break from work, duh, and so we decided to party the night before. Do you see our first mistake now?

Departure time the next day was 4 in the morning SHARP so we decided to check-in at a hotel nearby so we won’t be late. And then we had a sumptuous dinner altogether with my coworkers who are not able to come along to the outing. Afterwards, we decided a having a few drinks is in order.

You already know what happened next...

It started with salt and lemon... our boss who came from Australia introduced us to some new friends that night named Jameson and Jose Cuervo, and heck, you know I’m always down for this kind of night. It was all going great, we were chatting with the bosses, taking shots, chismisan konti, slight “open-forum”, played Lucky 9, and the newbies were there as well so we were able to really bond altogether. Fun!

When everyone, most of everyone, started to log out and went to bed, we decided to play poker. Or was it I decided we play poker? I’m not sure. But yeah we took out our wallets, dealt the cards, and poker we played. The next thing I knew, I was throwing up on the boat to the island in Mariveles!!!

Okay, now I’m not so sure anymore if I can tell my story right because I obviously passed out that night. All I remember was playing poker, best card was flushes!!, drinking shots, and a LOT of throwing up. 

But I do remember going out of the hotel and throwing up in the toilet of our office, and getting in to the van. Then I slept through the whole ride to Bataan, I even skipped breakfast because I was so hungover. Once we have arrived in Mariveles, that’s when I started to feel my stomach churn, and it was bad, really bad. So that’s when I started to puke and it lasted all goddamn morning!

I didn’t get to go with everyone on the tour because I wasn’t feeling any better. The ocean, which is my element, didn’t help at all... at first hehe. (It's probably not a good idea to hate on the ocean!) I stayed on the boat, throwing up here and there. The boatmen were really nice, they took care of me, and they suggested  a bunch of stuff to try just so this hangover will get cure. (We have no meds, btw, and I don't take meds, hehe) One of the boatmen suggested that I jump into the water and start swimming because it helps cure the hangover. I totally knew that, I just didn’t want to go swimming ahead of my team who went trekking, because that would be rude but hell, I wanted the hangover to stop and so I dove onto the ocean with the jellyfish (there were so many of them)! I know it’s supposed to make me feel better, but it didn’t. Once I resurfaced, I started to throw up again. Honestly, it went on for hours. It was terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE. I was literally crying while I was puking. :(

They were all having fun touring and island hopping while stayed on the boat all morning. I tried everything to make the hangover go away. I tried drinking cold water, eating, and taking a nap. But alas, nothing has made it stop. Although I was able to sleep for a while so I guess it worked a bit, but as soon as the boat moved on to the next island, my stomach flipped again.

A few islands passed and we were now going to the cliff-jumping site, my most anticipated activity, I have gathered all my strength to get my butt out of the boat and try to have some fun. I was feeling a tad better after getting a few minutes of sleep. Of course, I wouldn't want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for adrenaline adventure! I was standing at the edge of the cliff, after saying a few prayers, I jumped! And poooooof, the hangover was gone!

Well not exactly gone, I didn't feel any better until dinner time that night, but I stopped throwing up after that jump so it helped heaps!

Epic story, right? Hahaha. NO.

I would never do that to myself again. I felt so weak and fragile. That hangover was the worst! My reputation as a heavy drinker is gone... all those years of practice... gone. Charot! Hahaha. 

And that's it! The take away from this crappy blog post? Do not drink, kids. It doesn't do you any good. I mean, yeah, it creates awesome stories such as this one. It was worth telling, but obviously nothing to brag about, pft! And I mean you also make epic memories with your dumb drunken friends, tell each other stupid jokes that's going to last for a week, minimum. And sure, you "open yourself up" when you're drunk... what was my point again? Yeah, drink moderately. Haha

I saw a video of myself , care of a friend who secretly filmed me while playing poker and drunk as fuck, thanks Aibss, looking drunk as fuck! I have never seen myself that drunk before. It was a horrible thing to look at, it was worse than watching a horror movie!!! BTW, I vowed to never drink alcohol again, no matter how much I love beer. I'm putting all of you as my accountability!

Sorry I most probably have disgusted everyone in this blog post. But not sorry because I feel like I'm writing on my Tumblr. Oh Tumblr days, yes!

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  1. That's definitely no fun but a good story to tell in the future! Haha.

    xx, Richel V.


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