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20 April 2018

The One Where We're Under The Sea

Did you know that freediving is a thing? I didn't, until I saw posts on Instagram where people are swimming under the open waters with their long fins and, take note, no oxygen tanks. (!),Looking like mermaids and posting awesome photos/videos online from the bottom of the freaking ocean. I wondered how the hell are they able to hold their breath for so long under water, is it even possible?  God knows I am all for mad adventures and mad Instagram photos, but He also knows how much I love the ocean and swimming so you all know what happened next.

I looked online for freediving classes and a lot of groups and orgs popped up. I was like, woah, freediving really is a thing here! How come I never knew about it before? I kinda only knew scuba diving, but freediving, not really. So yeah, I did my research regarding freediving. I badly wanted to go, been planning this for months but all the planning didn't push through because, guess what? None of my friends wanted to try it with me at that time. I kept on waiting for a buddy to come with me but alas, my friends are losers. Hahaha, kidding, guys.

Fast forward to this year when I am now free as bird, lol. I have made my decision. I will go, with or without anyone. And I did. Went by myself. *slow claps* It is a proud moment for me because I (used to) never go out on my own, what more travel to the province by myself, ha!

Anyway, I booked my class and off I went.

I enrolled myself with Apnea Philippines. The instructors are certified PADI divers, so trust that you are in good hands. Take note, if you want to get into freediving, taking an intro class is a must! Never try it without having an introductory class. The class is for basic breathing techniques, which totally makes sense because if there are tips for holding your breathe underwater longer than you think you can, then yeah. Equalization, to fight the pressure as you go deeper into the sea, and also, meditation. Yep, kinda like yoga, freediving requires a relaxed mind and body. (The total opposite of surfers)

Watch the video below and watch how I did on my first time! I'm a bit embarrassed of how I was doing in this video, to be honest, it looks really bad! Wasn't sure if I was really ready to post it but for the gram, fam. Also, they recommend that the students have videos of their training so that they can review their dives and learn from them regarding what else needs to be improved.

My experience with Apnea was amazing! The instructors are really friendly, it just after one diving session and it feels as if you have found new friends! And although they do want you to really learn freediving, they would never push you to your limits unless you're up for it. Which is great because there will  be no pressure coming from them. The pressure is bad enough once you dive 4-5 meters below, adding pressure from the instructors to go deeper won't help, lol. So 2 thumbs up for the Apnea team! I will surely go back for the line training! I hope I can join future fun dives.

Photo credits to kuya na hindi napansin yung lens flare :))
The verdict - I am so happy with everything that's happened that day. I managed to travel all the way to Batangas by myself. I'm really getting the hang of this solo travel thing, I have never felt this kind of freedom before, it is so liberating. And of course, I'm glad that I finally had the courage to go and actually try freediving. Now I'm thinking of making it as my new hobby (for now, maybe take PADI in the future) I am so inlove with freediving that I was checking out diving gears as soon as I woke up the next morning, haha.

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