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Travel Guide: Mt. Binacayan- Mt. Pamitinan (Day) Twin Hike

Mt. Pamitinan Summit

If your squad is looking for a quick hiking adventure, Rizal is always the place to go. It's not too far from Manila, and you'll have options on which mountain you want to hike as if choosing from a menu lol. Now, I have already climbed up the summit of Mt. Maynoba and Mt. Cayabu, let me take you to another Rizal Favorite!

Mt. Binacayan is one of the most hiked mountain in Rizal and considered as a beginner-friendly-mountain with an elevation of 424MASL. Along with it's neighboring mountains, Mt. Pamitinan (426MASL) and Mt. Hapunang Banoi (512MASL). These 3 mountains together is known as the Montalban Trilogy, all with a breathtaking view of the Wawa River.

The trilogy can be done in one day. Our original plan was to climb just Mt. Binacayan, since most of the gang are beginners. But since it didn't take us long to descend from Binacayan, we chose to hike another mountain, Mt. Pamitinan. I honestly wanted to do the trilogy because you can get a certificate after climbing 3 mountains, but they gave up after Pamitinan, so hey.

We started our ascent to Binacayan at around 6 in the morning and we we're back just in time for lunch. It took us that long to go down because A) it's pretty tiring, we had a lot of rest breaks hehe and B) there was a line up the summit. A line, you ask? Yup, for you to be able to get an epic photo in the summit, you'll have to wait in line for other groups to finish. And guess what, it took us the same amount of time to hike Pamitinan with the same excuse as above, haha. 


» Guides are available for hire at the tourism office for P400/day and /mountain for max. 5 pax. You can negotiate the prices if there are 6-8 of you in the group but more than that you'll have to hire another guide.

» You're going rock climbing. Most of the trail is made out of sharp and pointy limestone rocks so it's best to bring your gloves. If you don't have any, people sell them at the jump off point for P50 per pair. I didn't bring one. Didn't buy one. Because I thought I wouldn't need it but by the time I got home my palms were red and numb as hell.

» You can't camp overnight on the summits because again, most of the trail are made out of rocks, so no place for a tent. But you can set your camp down the jump off point if you're planning to stay overnight. Also possible to camp in Mt. Hapunang Banoi - Mt. Pamitinan junction but only for a small group.

» Day hike means lighter backpack to no backpacks, yas! I always carry my Osah bag because I'm always the photographer. I carry my camera gears all the time, but our guide was nice enough to offer his house to be our lockers, so my friends decided to leave their bags in Kuya's (the guide) house near the jump off point.

» The guides are practically pros when it comes to taking photos. You can trust them with your cameras and trust that you'll have not one but plenty of epic photos at the end of the day. You'll just have to take turns in the photo op spot :)

» Sitting/standing at the edge of the cliff is not as easy as it looks, my knees were wobbling and I basically crawled my way to the edge but dang... for the gram! View is totally worth it, too. Priorities, lol.

» Side trips to a Bat Cave and Binacayan Cave is possible, but there's a P55 fee, this includes a head lamp. You can also go for a swim in Wawa River after the hike!

» You can have bring a packed lunch or you can enjoy lunch at the local eateries down the jump off point. There are a lot of carinderias there, you can have a nice warm meal for P50. And finally,

Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time.

I was the 7th wheel. 

Mt. Pamitinan - Peak 3
Mt. Binacayan Summit


» Water/sports drinks for hydration
» Sun protection: Sun block, hat, sleeves
» Hiking gloves
» Food/Snacks
» Garbage bag - keep your rubbish and throw them away when you get back down the barangay.
» Waterproof bags/bag covers - just in case it rains
» Camera
» First aid kit
» Toiletries
» Extra clothes
» Insect repelent
Via Commute: (2-3 hours travel time approx)
» Find your way to EDSA Cubao.
» Ride a van from Cubao that en route to Rodriguez, Rizal and alight at Eastwood
» Drop off at the last stop
» Ride a trike to Brgy. Wawa

Via Private Vehicle: (1.5-2 hours travel time approx)
» Go out to Rodriguez, Rizal via Marikina and San Mateo, then follow the road to Wawa Dam. There is an entrance of P50 for private vehicles. Parking slots are available in front of the tourism office.


P32 - RT Bus to Cubao
P100 - RT Van to Rodriguez, Rizal
P60 - RT Trike to Brgy. Wawa (for 4 pax)
P50 - Registration
P200 - Guide fee/pax (Our guide fee was 700/mountain since there were 7 of us)
P45 - Lunch
P100 - Snacks budget
P20 - Shower Fee
P120 - Jollibee for Dinner because we deserved it!
Total damage: 727/pax

I hope this guide has been helpful. Let me know what your next hiking plans are on the comment box below. Ciao! :)

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  1. Hi! Do you need prior arrangement with the brgy officials before going there? Thanks!

    1. Hello! No need, you can go straight to registration in the tourism office in the barangay :)


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