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Discover Weekly: Favorite Podcasts

For those of you who have no idea what podcasts are and that they even existed... there's no shame in that. In fact, I, too, had just discovered podcasts a while back and I was so overjoyed about having to know it's existence in my iPhone. Okay. yeah, I'm an IOS user and although Podcasts is a default app, I never really gave it any attention along with the other default apps such as Health, Itunes U, and all that jazz that I thought was just taking up my precious 16gb iPhone space.

It was a slow Sunday morning and I have been feeling a great deal of laziness for days and was very unproductive with my life that I needed to pull myself together. So I started reading some inspirational/motivational articles from and I read some tips on how to be productive (desperate times call for desperate measures). I could no longer remember which article it was, sorry, but on that list of productivity tips includes Listening to Podcasts.

Only then did I get the chance to open my Podcasts app and discovered a whole lot of treasures I never knew existed! I'm exaggerating, but yes I consider them treasures. Because every time I feel unmotivated these Podcasts help me get back on track or entertain me, even.

Countless Podcasts are uploaded and are live on the app with various categories to choose from like: Arts, Health, Business, Music, Politics, Society, and even your favorite TV Show has podcasts about it! My favorite kinds of podcasts are Travel and Educational because I'm all about learning new things. You can also try learning a new language with podcasts. If you don't have the app, there are also Podcasts uploaded on Soundcloud and on Spotify.

With all that being said, I just wanted to share with you guys my favorite Podcasts:

1. The Budget Minded Traveler

This is on the TOP of my list because this is the best yet. For all the travelers out there, may it be female, solo, expat travelers, this podcast is for you. I loved every episode of it, and Jackie (the host) is really thorough in the interviews and you can really learn a lot from this podcasts - about packing light as a ninja, and just about travel in general. I didn't want to include this on this list because then you'll know all of my secrets and I wanted to keep them all for myself but what the hell. Free travel hacks for everyone! 
You can listen to her podcast in iTunes or thru the website

2. The Daily Boost 
I listen to this podcast whenever I need a motivation. Motivation to Move is a coaching website wherein you can enroll to courses that can help you get motivated and stay motivated. They have a short podcast (almost 13 minutes) podcasts that can help you stay motivated. Each episode is really short that you'd actually want to enroll in their courses because you'll want more of what the host is discussing to you. They also offer a premium with monthly subscriptions for a daily boost! Nonetheless, it helps people keep motivated and boost your spirits. 

3. Zero To Travel

Again with the travel podcasts. These are actually helpful but is also really frustrating. Haha. You'll learn more travel hacks with Jason! This episode is now my favorite episode where Jason interviews his wife whom she met while traveling and she talks about how annoying it is to have a partner who's work is blogging/documenting travel stuff. And somehow I can relate because I know how my boyfriend gets annoyed when we're at a location and I ask him to take photos of me for the blog then he gets really impatient 'coz all he wants to do is chill haha.

4. The Purposeful Creative

I just discovered this recently, hosted by Arianne Serafico, a Filipino blogger, entrepreneur and a teacher. The Purposeful Creative is about freelancing and tips about how you can sustain yourself through your passion and creativity. I'm currently enrolled in one of her course: 5 Steps To Turning Your Passion Purpose into a Profitable Brand. Featured also in her podcast is an interview with Abbey Sy and how she braved through the business world with her passion and creativity.

That's it for now. I have so much on my list of podcasts to listen to but these are my current faves. Listening to these podcasts can really help you boost your spirit and set your mind straight. I'm not forcing you to listen to these though, but if it is within your interest then go!

Fun fact: I usually listen to these podcasts while I'm at work. Not only does it help me stay motivated it's also keeping me from dozing off. ;)

How about you, which podcasts are you listening to? Please share them on the comment box below and I'll gladly tune in to it. 

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