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Manila Preset

I've been trying my best to rebuild my Instagram account but to no avail. I've been playing around with my Adobe Lightroom, trying to make presets for my feed but it is waaaay harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to make my feed have a little more "film" effect to it but I just can't do it - either I don't know how to or I can't because I'm too torn between having a sharp vibrant feed or the film thing. Ugh, this is making me crazy!

Help me out here, yeah? How do you like this preset? :) 

Photos taken with Sony A6000.

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  1. I love this preset! I have to agree with you though. Maintaining a feed or theme is a lot of hard work. I can't choose between vibrant and pastel myself and I think I might just shift again soon. Ooops. But yes this preset is great. ♥

  2. wow, I've never seen Manila like this really. Hahaha! Feeling ko kasi laging populated siya even in photos but yours, parang ang calm lang especially your LRT/MRT station photos.

    Well, about the preset, it really looks good on your photos though I believe your post office building photos is a bit (not sure about the right term) soft? yung bang parang kulang sa sharpen or contrast? Basta parang ganun. Hehehe! Though its really nice, opinion ko lang naman yun. :)


  3. Ang gaganda naman Nika. I'm frustrated myself to get such effects on my photo. VSCO lang gamit ko kasi di ako marunong.


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