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25 July 2017

Manila Preset

I've been trying my best to rebuild my Instagram account but to no avail. I've been playing around with my Adobe Lightroom, trying to make presets for my feed but it is waaaay harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to make my feed have a little more "film" effect to it but I just can't do it - either I don't know how to or I can't because I'm too torn between having a sharp vibrant feed or the film thing. Ugh, this is making me crazy!

Help me out here, yeah? How do you like this preset? :) 

Photos taken with Sony A6000.

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22 July 2017

Experience Sri Lanka with Olanka Travels

Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean, an island nation of India. They call it "India Lite" because it's like India, but it's the hassle-free, easy version of India (at least, that's what The Telegraph says so). It is famed for it's diverse landscapes ranging from tropical forests, high mountains, and beautiful beaches. Sri Lanka has also been blessed with the abundance of wild animals - this country is a sanctuary for wild animals such as elephants, leopards, and even animals in the deep blue sea, like blue whales and dolphins.


15 July 2017

Getting Around Paris

Paris is one of the best cities and probably the most tourist-y city in Europe. After all, it is the labeled as the City of Love. It is also very girl's dream to go to Paris and witness the breathtaking view of the Tour Eiffel, which is the most popular tourist attraction in Paris. But the Tour Eiffel isn't the only best thing about Paris - we'll fall in love with the city itself. From the fancy restaurants and shops sitting around every corner of the city to all those world-class museums and famous landmarks. The architecture, the streets, the history, the people, everything about Paris is love. And don't even forget about the fact that they got a Disneyland in Paris! If you're planning to go to Paris anytime soon, here's a brief guide to Paris!

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09 July 2017

Discover Weekley: BAGAIL Tote Shoe Bags

For my fellow travelers and adventurers, here's the latest travel essential you might need this rainy season, or just any season for that matter! If you're a fan of packing cubes, then I guarantee that you'll love this product that I'm introducing. 

Say hello to Bagail Tote Shoe Bags. I know what you're thinking. You're wondering why the hell would you need such a thing and you might say "it will only add up weight in my luggage" or "I'm a ninja packer, I don't need that kind of thing in my life". Take it easy. Let me show you what these babies are and what they can do or how else can you use them.

  • Each bag is made out of high quality nylon which makes it waterproof. Meaning you can use it for any weather - and you can also store in your wet/damp things in it.
  • It is also made up from durable but lightweight non-woven fabric, breathable material that means if you store your shoes, it will prevent moisture, keeps it away from dust and bacteria.
  • It is light as a feather! So you won't need to worry about it adding up extra weight to your luggage.
  • It also has a quick grab handle that is also water resistant and has an anti-staining properties. Easy to carry. 
  • The middle zipper design makes it more convenient for organization.
  • It can hold up to two shoes or 3 flip flops (depending on the sizes of the footwear and the bag) It comes in two different sizes, Small and Large. 
  • They come in variety of colors so there are loads to choose from. 

If you go big in organizing inside your backpack/luggage, these bags are the bomb! Not only does it separate the shoes inside your luggage, but you can also use it for storing other things such as your dirty laundry, clothes, and other stuff you might want to keep dry and safe at all times!

It's awesome, right? You might think that a gear this good might cost you $$$$- i'm gonna let you in on a little secret here, now... the awesomeness doesn't stop there! It is sold on Bagail at a very VERY reasonable price and it is sold in a set of 4. So hurry up and get your set now.

You can get them online here:
Free shipping worldwide if you get a total of $49 on check out!

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04 July 2017

Theme Parks in the Philippines: Tree Top Adventure Baguio

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There are so many destinations in Baguio such as Mines View, Strawberry Fields, Ben Cab Museum to name a few but there's only one theme park inside the popular Camp John Hay and that's Tree Top Adventure which is just walking distance from Manor Hotel and Le Monet Hotel and just 10 minutes away from Azalea Residences.

Tree Top Adventure is the only theme park in the Philippines with motorized activities plus different kinds of Zip line adventure in the heart of nature; Superman, Canopy, Tree Drop, Silver Surfer, Free Fall, Funicular, Trekking, Skywalk and many more to be added. 

The vision came from the expertise of the owner of Tree TopAdventure who are Engineers and advocates of conservation of environment and healthy living thus Tree Top Adventure in Subic inside SBMA and Baguio inside Camp John Hay are making sure that customers will enjoy safely all the activities.

Unlike Tree Top Adventure Subic, The Baguio counterpart is charging only Php 100.00 for entrance which will also deduct from you in purchasing any activity rides. So if you're getting the Superman ride for Php 350, you'll just have to pay 250.

One of the popular activities at Tree Top Adventure Baguio is the Team Building activity. For the "Team Building" activities, there are facilitators to lead the program and events. Unlike other facility, at Tree Top Adventure, everything can be measured and the output and success will be coming from the effort of the whole group who are working simultaneously to achieve the goal. Cost per head for the Team Building has two choices; Php 800.00 and Php 1000.00 but can be tailored depending on the needs of the company.

"We invite you to experience nature tripping from a breathtaking view – from 100 feet above the ground! With jungle trails comprised of platforms nestled on branches, suspension bridges, and the world’s first motorized canopy tour, what we offer is more than just the peak of excitement.

Learn new things; with fresh eyes, we encourage you to explore. Find inner peace as you go through a natural sanctuary hidden by foliage. Or at the very least, conquer your fear of heights.

Tree Top Adventure offers each one a personal journey, with unforgettable memories as dense as the forest that you won’t help but feel closer to the ones you take this most marvelous trip with."

For more information about bookings and entrance, please contact Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of Tag Media and Public Relations at 09166299381 or send email to
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