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Day Trip: Hundred Island Pangasinan

Although making your own itinerary is fun, it can be really exhausting as well. Especially when you're with a big group and going to a complicated destination(s). I know that after my first tour experience in Puerto Princesa, I never wanted to join on a tour again, that's also when I decided backpacking is more fun and practical for me. But for a change, I decided to have a trip and join a tour, because I just want to chill and take it easy.

For the sake of pinning the map, we went to Pangasinan. And when you hear of Pangasinan, the first thing that comes to mind is the Hundred Islands. I learned about the Hundred Islands in Alaminos since I was in grade school, but I had no idea what's in The Hundred Islands exactly. Since we were on a tour, I didn't do my research about it as well hence I had no idea what to expect. All I had coming was hundred of islands for our island hopping, lol. 

hundred islands day tour itinerary

The itinerary was made by our organizer, Ms. Dian. Tour costed us 1050PHP per head. Van transfers, boat ride, and environmental fees are included. Hundred Islands has activities like, snorkeling, cliff diving, helmet diving, and zip line. Helmet diving was 390PHP for 20 minutes. Zip line was I think 200PHP that goes from island to island. We chose not to do activities that is not included in the tour so we don't have to pay extra. Cliff diving was free, so we all jumped twice as it was so fun! It was my very first cliff diving experience and it. was. awesome. I want to go higher, so if you can recommend a good cliff diving spot, drop it down on the comments below! We only stopped on 4 major islands - I know there are hundreds but most of them are not accessible yet.

The islands are really developed, some has been able to build houses on them as their own rest house maybe. Tourism has really helped improve the islands. It wasn't that much crowded, I assume the crowd was in Bolinao that day we went because it's all over Facebook. I figured right. 

I enjoyed the cliff diving so much and the floating bridge and that's all. The view was not at all extraordinary, I guess my Caramoan trip has raised the bars of island hopping. Will I go back? I think this one time is enough. I wasn't in awe of the place, it's just that oceans makes me so happy (mermaid problems) and my friends made it worth while! :)

You can contact our organizer here. She organizes Bolinao, Hundred Islands, and Baguio Tour.
Dian Bancain - +63 942 837 6080

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  1. Grabe Nika you go beach hopping every week! Haha. Ang sipag mo!
    I've never been to Pangasinan but I've heard of Hundred Islands. Looks like you guys almost owned the place during your stay. Do you recommend it for beaching experience?

    Auradelle Shoot, Eat, Write

    1. Hindi naman ever week, mga once every two weeks lol. I would recommend it if you want to do some water activities because they offer plenty - they even have caving though we were not able to make it there because we ran out of time. But if you want to relax on the beach, I don't endorse it ;)

  2. Never been to Hundred Island. I think Cabongaoan Beach, where the death pool is, yung hype sa Pangasinan ngayon since I've been seeing it a lot in Facebook. I wanted to go din tuloy. How much is the tour?

    1. Yeah, I guess they're all in the death pool nowadays. The tour costed 1050PHP/pax, edited the post for more details :) Hundered Island is good if you want to avoid the crowd :)

  3. What a beautiful nature! ♥ Lovely photos ❀

    Do you wanna follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin? Lemme know ♥
    * Le blog de la Licorne *

  4. So much fun! I want to travel like this too but then I wonder when :( Such a nice vacation, I hope I could do that soon! Thanks for the information anyway! <3



  5. Pwede na for Php1,050/pax! I've always been curious about Hundred Islands. Meron ako nakita before sa Metrodeal but didn't end up buying the voucher. Thanks for this, Nika! Will try to go there soon :)

    Also, I nominated you for Liebster Award! :) You can check out my post about it here. I look forward to reading your answers! :)

    Little Miss Miera

  6. I guess di na siya masama. Kaso di ako beach enthusiast. Pero I really want to see Hundred Islands in person.


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