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Get Ready for Asia's Biggest Floating Playground!

Everyone is excited to have the ultimate summer experience at the Inflatable Island - the biggest floating playground in Asia! Wooop wooop! It's going to be the hottest tourist destination this summer, everyone just can't stop talking about it.

Afloat on the beach of Samba Bluewater Resort - the playground stretches out by about 3,400 sqm which is as big as 8 basketball courts put together side by side. Complete with inflatable slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings, and many other obstacles! Now tell me, who isn't psyched about this bouncy playground on the beach?

This playground is built specially for adults who is up for the challenge and just want to have fun! The Inflatable Island will surely bring out the child in everyone this summer! Best bring your friends and your family for the ultimate weekend.

For More Info:
Located at Samba Bluewater Resort, Subic Bay, Olongapo City, Zambales -  The Inflatable Island opens it's gates to the public on 1st of April, 2017. Hurry and book your tickets! Reach them at and visit their website at


  1. saw their ad on facebook and tagged my cousins after watching it. I'm so excited, tho I'm not really sure if I'd have the courage to try it lol. But daaaaang I just can't haha

    D x

    1. You guys should definitely try it! Ang saya sobra! :)

  2. It looks so fun! However, I think it's pretty pricey. Then again, they're offering an ocean playground so I guess the price is okay 😂

    xo, Gillan

    1. Yeah it's a bit expensive but I'm sure you'll have a great time and it will be worth it! :)

  3. This sounds exciting! :) I would love to go and play here.

  4. Oh wow, I just booked last weekend and now I can't wait to go!

    Teesh || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

  5. I've seen your photos before I got the chance to read here, gahhh. I really wanted to go but so far awayyy. Will definitely visit someday!! <3


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