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The One With The Dog Cafe

If you're a dog lover, this cafe is definitely for you! We all know that the cafe business in the Philippines is already growing, so you have got to think of the most unique theme or setting for your cafe for it to make it out there. There are tons of different themed-cafe to choose from these days as it's highly popular especially now that most of the millennials are fueled by coffee. When I say fueled by coffee, meaning drinking coffee before you go to work because you still feel sleepy from a 5-hour sleep. Then another cup or two for a boost of energy at work. And another for that overtime work so we can meet the deadline. So yup, fueled by coffee. I'm going a bit off on a tangent here, so going back to the cafe...

This cafe had thought of it's own unique theme that will surely be loved by everybody. Barkin' Blends is a dog cafe. You read it right, a dog cafe! Brilliant, right? Who would have thought of making your own pet a business partner? This cafe is packed with 30 resident dogs of different breeds! Enjoy a very refreshing drink while you get to pet as much dogs as you can. So if ever you're feeling lonely or just want to hang out with some of the best creatures in the world, it's the place to go, whether you be with your friends, family or other half. 

It's actually my second time to visit the cafe. The first time, AJ took me out here as a surprise. I had no idea that he would take me here, as much as I hate surprises, I super loved this one! So this time, I went with the fam because they've been wanting to go since they saw my photos from the first time.

Barkin' Blends cafe is located at Quezon City, Philippines, along Katipunan Avenue. You can easily waze your way to the cafe! They're open everyday except Tuesday from 12:00nn to 9:00pm.


+ Food & Price
We honestly didn't come here for the food, he he he, we came for the dogs. But we went during lunch hours so I suggested we might as well have our lunch there. We ordered Carobinara (P120), Ella Pesto (P130), and Bonnie Burger (P120). Yes, their menu is named  after the dogs, witty. I have to say, the food is really tasty. I recommend everyone to dine here if possibe. The burgers, any burgers are a must try!

Buy a drink so you can enter the dog zone. Rock Salt and Cheese - Chocolate is highly recommended or any fruit teas. I don't like the hazelnut one.

+ Service & Setting
It takes them quite a while to serve the food so I suggest you bring patience with you. The cafe is small but it's neat. It's safe to say that the cafe is not designed for hours long of stay because really the dog zone is the zone for that.

Say Hi to my crazy little family

The room where the dogs are is separated from the cafe itself, but don't worry it's just across the cafe. Entrance to the dog zone costs P195 each, and it comes with a refreshing drink. You have to order the drink in the cafe first and then they'll give you your ticket for the dog zone.

+ Things you should know:
 One ticket is good for one person and is only valid for 2 hours.
 It also comes with one locker per group, where you can keep your bags safe for the time being as they are not allowed in the dog zone.
 Slippers are also provided as any kind of footwear other than the provided slippers are not allowed in the dog zone.
 You can bring your cameras and your drink inside, but not outside food/drinks
 You're not allowed to bring your own pet for the safety purposes of the dog residents.
 You cannot feed the dogs anything.
≡ No need for reservations.
≡ The dogs are well trained and very friendly!

Once you are inside, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the crazy adorable creatures! You can also ask the crew to take photos of you with the dogs. Some of the dogs don't bother and they just sleep in a corner or beside you if you're lucky, especially Psyche, the beagle! The first time I went there she just slept in my lap the whole time and when I came back, she was still sleeping at somebody else's lap, psh!

Tip: the dogs are only loyal to their masters, aka the crew. 

Here's a quick video of the situation in Barkin' Blends:

+ Meet the residents

+ Thoughts
I will definitely be coming back for these babies! But there's something about the place that's been bothering me since. It's just that I don't like to see the dogs being... an entertainer. I just keep on thinking about what they must feel about being surrounded by a different crowd every single day, asked to sit and stay so that the crowd can take photos with them. They must feel tired of it at some point. On another note, I secretly want to kidnap every one of them and keep them as my own. ;)


I don't know about what your heaven would look like, but this will definitely be mine! Okay, not exactly the cafe, but a place packed with adorable cuddly dogs will do it! To be quite honest, I thank God everyday for dogs, especially Brooke (my Labrador retriever) and wish that He would never ever take her away from me. It's such a silly request, I know, but you know... we gotta have faith! ;)

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  1. OMG I've been dying to go heere!! They are all so adorable. Sarap iuwi lahaaaat. <3


    1. True!!! I want to kidnap them too hahahaha

  2. So cute!! I want to hug all the doggies! Haha I recently went to a dog cafe similar to this but it's located in the South naman. :)

    Little Miss Miera

    1. Oooh where in south exactly so I can pay them a visit too! :)

  3. I am a dog lover but I've never been to a dog cafe. I know that a dog cafe exists here in our city, hope I could visit it soon. Those dogs are so lovely and cute!!! Squealing right now.

    Bia S. | RoadByBia

  4. I've been here before, and I know how you feel. I get iffy when people treat dogs as entertainers. Dogs tend to sleep a lot because they need to regain their energy. However, when we were there (last year), people kept on waking the dogs up just to play with them, which bothers me A LOT. I hope that people would be more considerate.

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

    1. Huhu it's sad right? It makes me want to free them all ya know but it seems like they have a good life naman, but still...

  5. Ahhh they are all soooo adorable!!! I really really wanna visit this place too (I'm still frustrated that I can't get one myself).

    And I totally get you on how people can sometimes treat animals as entertainers. I have a lot of things to say about this issue, but I totally agree on what you said.

    Still wishing to visit this someday <3


    1. I'm totally against animal cruelty that I even tried to go vegan, but I failed after one day, it's hypocracy! Hahahaa. Are you planning on getting a dog? :)

  6. They all look so adorable!!! I am still gushing here. OMG. I will definitely going to visit this the next time I go to Metro Manila.

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

  7. barkinssss!! i miss there! :( i actually went there last July 2016 together with my elder sister and boyfriend. they are all soooo adorable and cuuute! all black pa talaga yung suot ko, so ayun pagalis namin puno ng buhok nila yung damit ko. hahaha and the best part before matapos ang 2hrs yung time na tinawag na sila lahat to gather in front and take a picture! uugghh i can still remember that moment. hihihi.

    thanks for dropping by my blog nik.. super love your blog! i like the format and design :)

    1. Wow!! I'm kinda jelly that I didn't get to take a group photo with all the dogs. I mean I wanted to but I didn't want to seem selfish for waking up all the resting dogs just to take photos. Or maybe I just didn't think it was possible, either way. :)

  8. Whooops. Seems like I copied another comment I made on another blog. Hahaha. To avoid confusion, here's my comment:

    Doggos!! Been wanting to go here for a long time but it's a long way from home. Heard there's a dog cafe open around the South too, so I might head there instead.

    xo, Richel V.

    1. Miera from the second comment said she'd been to some dog cafe in the south, maybe it's the same or it's mear your location :)


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