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Discover Weekly: Stoked To Travel

Philippines' tourism is something I'm actually proud of as a Filipino, but it's probably the only thing too, hahahaha kidding. Although I haven't  delved on even a quarter of the Philippine provinces, I know how beautiful this country is, thanks heaps to the internet! It's not called a tropical paradise for nothing.  That is why I plan on stepping foot on all the 81 provinces of the Philippines, yay!. I have a long way to go, but it's this year's goal.

So, as I was busying myself on Facebook one night, jumping across one travel bloggers group to another, I came across a thread where people share their facebook blog pages for likes! Then a certain page caught my eyes, it was Stoked To Travel. Upon checking out the page, I saw that she's been posting photos from her latest travel destination which was the Philippines. I felt happy and proud, of course.

I contacted the blogger, and asked her for a Q+A collaboration. Meet Claire Stokes - currently residing in London and plans to travel all over the world. She loves the Philippines as she mentioned in her blog. She's already been around Manila, Cebu, Bohol, & Palawan, It was really nice of her to do this with me, So here's the chika, my chikas! :)

Q: 50 countries and counting - how long have you been travelling and how has it been like to travel so many countries?
A: I’ve had the travel bug for as long as I can remember but didn’t start going abroad regularly until I was about 13. So for the past 12 years, the countries have been racking up. I’m lucky that my parents love to travel as well! I’d say it’s pretty awesome to have been to so many places, I would almost say it’s become an addiction! My bank account isn’t always too happy but the people I’ve met and the places I’ve seen are worth every last penny!
Q: Do you prefer to travel solo or with a travel buddy? 
A: I normally prefer to go with others. It’s either friends, my boyfriend or my Dad! We’ve been on two trips now, the first through Vietnam and the second trip to China for 2 weeks! I’ve done a few solo adventures though such as exploring the Northern Territory in Australia or Dubai, both were awesome!

Q: How and when did you decide to travel to the Philippines. (The first and second time)
A: The first time was when I was living in Australia and it was the only country in SE Asia that I hadn’t visited. I also didn’t know anyone else who had been at that time, so I wanted to get there first! The second time was because I loved it so much and felt this urge to get back and see more!
Q: Was it hard for you to get around the Philippines? Tell us your favorite part of the trip. :)
A: Air Asia and Cebu Pacific make flying around pretty easy, but sometimes it can take a full day to go between islands since it’s never just a flight. It’s always like a tricycle, a bus, a boat, a flight, a bus, a tricycle. Sometimes you have to go back to Manila to fly to another island, so the time can add up! My favourite part of my most recent trip was probably a sunset swim in Boracay on New Year’s Eve – there was a live band playing the steel drums on the beach, we were floating in the sea and the sun was setting – it was perfect!

Q: Did you have any bad experiences travelling abroad?
A: Not really, I’ve been incredibly lucky through all my travels and never been mugged, attacked, hassled or had any major injuries! That’s even with living in West Africa for 6 months! Fingers crossed I never do! 

Q: What's the best foreign food you have ever tasted?
A: I love Middle Eastern food and Italian food! Also, Australia does the best desserts ever – nowhere I’ve been has ever compared. Oh and Cuban coffee in Miami – wow!
Q: What do you do on your spare time when you're not travelling?
A: Unfortunately, just going to a normal job but I’m trying to do more and more travel writing to follow my dreams. I also spend a lot of time exploring London – there’s endless fun and adventures to be had here too!
Q: Now, where do you plan on going next?
A: I’m off for a weekend break to Venice in March which I’m really excited about as I love Italy and their food so much! Also, 2.5 weeks backpacking through Morocco in April. Who knows with the rest of the year! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed our little Q & A as much as I did! Hit me up if you want a collaboration. You know where you can reach me! :)

Disclaimer: All photos are from and taken by Claire Stokes. Here's how you can reach her:
Facebook: Stoked To Travel 
Twitter: @stokedtotravel
Instagram: @stokedtotravel


  1. OMG, I wish I could travel easily just like her, however it's still so difficult for now, but I hope I could do it sooner! I really want to visit Cebu since my friend told me that it's amazingly beautiful! <3 Anyway, I really enjoy the Q&A, nice post!



  2. Wow. Definitely travel goals! <3

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit


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