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13 December 2016

Mt. Maynuba Travel Guide

Rizal offers a list of mountains that makes mountaineers jump with excitement! Whether its for beginners or advanced climbers, it's there. I chose to conquer Mt. Maynuba first! 

Apparently the internet spells it as Mt. Maynoba but it actually is Mt. Maynuba, as per our guide. So don't judge nor get confused. This mountain had just opened last March of this year, so if you want to conquer all of Rizal's mountains, add this on your list.

Trailhead: Brgy. Cayabu, Tanay, RizalLLA: 14°36′22.4′′N, 121°25′18.6′′ E, 728 MASL (+470m)Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3 hoursSpecs: Minor hike, Difficulty 3/9 (Summit); 4/9 (Loop hike), Trail class 1-4Features: Sea of clouds, scenic views of the Sierra Madre, waterfallsSource:

Plus, it comes on a package because you'll have to pass through Mt. Cayabu first before you get to the Maynuba camp site. You'll hit two birds with one stone!

Here's CAMP ONE, where we set out our camp and stayed for the evening. BTW, I am thrilled to say that this is my first overnight hike! And it was an experience like no other. 

We reached the summit of Mt. Cayabu by 9PM and it was dark so we could not appreciate the view slash did not take photos. 

And here are photos of the trail to the summit.

Got our matching waterproof bags from They are very light and very essential! 

Also, along the trail, you will pass by the "8 wonder falls". We stayed at the first waterfalls and dipped for a while though we decided to skip the 7 more falls so we just descended to the exit. There were just a few falls along the trail which we stopped for photos.


How to get there:
  • Ride a bus/MRT to Shaw Boulevard
  • Take a jeepney in Starmall bound to Tanay then alight at Tanay Market
  • Ride a jeep to Sampaloc
  • Ride another jeep bound to Batangasan
  • Ride a trike to Brgy. Cayabu
In our case, there are trikes in Tanay Market that offers to drop you at the jump-off point of Mt. Maynuba. It costed 700 pesos for the 5 of us in one trike. 
Things to bring:
  • Plenty of water/hydration fluids
  • Insect repelant
  • Trail snacks
  • Packed lunch
  • Extra clothes for changing
  • Flashlights/head lamp
  • Blanket
  • Waterproof bags/bag covers
  • Sun protection (sun block/cap/sleeves)
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Camera
Our itinerary:
Day 1
14:00     meet-up at Star Mall, Shaw.
17:30     arrive at Tanay Market
19:00     arrive at Mt. Maynuba Jump off point
19:15      start trekking
20:00     reach Mt. Cayabu summit
22:00     set camp at Mt. Maynuba camp one
               dinner/lights off

Day 2
05:00     witness the sea of clouds
05:30     breakfast
07:00     continue hike to Mt. Maynuba summit
08:30     reach Mt. Maynuba summit
10:30     take a dip into the waterfalls
13:00     back to jump-off point/log out
14:30     lunch at Jabee Tanay
19:00     arrive back at Shaw Boulevard

Total damage:
24    RT Bus to Shaw Boulevard
58   Jeep to Tanay Rizal
140  trike to Brgy. Cayabu (700/trike 1:5)
40    Entrance fee 
20    Pay-per-use bathroom
80    Trike to Batangasan (200/trike 1:3)
27    Jeep to Sampaloc
27    Jeep to Tanay Market
70    Van to Shaw Boulevard
300  Food budget/pax
786 lang bes

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! We should go climbing mountains together sometimes! Just hit me on the comment box below! :)
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