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16 November 2016

Hulugan Falls Travel Guide

We all know Laguna is home for numbers of waterfalls, naming Pagsanjan Falls and Majayjay Falls. Hulugan Falls is also one of the hidden gems of Laguna. If you're hankering for a  weekend getaway, go on and continue reading! With just a few hours away from Manila, your weekend adventure will all be worth it!

It is located in the heart of Luisiana, Laguna.

How to get there:
  • Ride a bus bound to Sta. Cruz. There are bus terminals from Cubao, Pasay, and South Station that en routes Sta. Cruz. Alight at the bus terminal in Sta. Cruz. Ride a jeepney bound to Lucena and alight at Luisiana (Hulugan Falls). Finally, ride a trike to the barangay hall for registration and then off to the drop off.
  • Round trip bus fare to Sta. Cruz = P204 (from South Station)
  • Round trip jeepney fare to Luisina = P60
  • Round trip trike fare = P40
  • Tour guide fee = P400-500/guide. Max person per guide is 5. 
What to bring:
  • Packed lunch and trail snacks
  • Plenty of water
  • Trash bags
  • Waterproof camera 
  • Waterproof bag
  • Waterproof everything
  • Toiletries for washing up
  • Extra clothes

Crossing Huluhan Falls

You can also visit two more waterfalls, the Talay Falls and Hidden Falls but that's optional. The trek to those two other falls is quite harder than of to Hulugan Falls. I suggest not to wear your favorite shoes because the trail if composed of slippery rocks, soft soils, and mud. You'll be crossing streams and you'll be swimming in the falls so it's much better if your have your trek sandals with you.

More photos:



Talay Falls

The gang - Photo credits to: Chel Breva

Hope ya'll enjoyed my post! If you have any questions, just leave them on the comment box below. Thank you! :) XX


13 November 2016

Blogapalooza Experience

I don’t usually go to events like this because I am an introvert – I don’t know how to get along with people, I am socially awkward.  I registered, nonetheless, I figured I had nothing to lose; I could just chicken out if I didn't feel like going, like I usually do.  Funny thing, I’m down for any adventure. I'm not even afraid of any extreme activity but socializing terrifies me, ha! Then when the event was fast approaching and I got myself to thinking, if not now, when?

Blogapalooza Horizon 2.0: Charting the Uncharted
Blogapalooza is an event that directly connects Business and Bloggers, perfect for business that is looking for bloggers to feature their product and for bloggers that is looking for content to feature. The said event was held at the Novotel Manila located in Araneta Center, Cubao last November 5, 2016.

As a first timer, I didn’t know what to expect but atleast I expected it to be held in an air-conditioned room. Although the event setting was amazing, it was a bit of disappointment because it was really hot at that time. Especially when we arrived there at about noon, the sun was on it's peak. The email reminder told us to wear comfy clothes so I imagined I should wear pants, a cute top and no heels. If I would have known it's an outdoor event, I would have worn my usual tomboy shorts and a shirt outfit.

Oh ang arte ko diba? Top is from Ceres
Why attending this event is a must?
1. Network expansion a.k.a new friends! I finally met Auradelle of and Mich of As well as new found blogger friends, Myrra of, Richel of, and Alyssa of

Photo from Auradelle

2. Inspirational talks from successful people. People like Mafae Belasco who's a mom/beauty queen/business woman who is very passionate about helping others discover and enhance their talents. And then there was Jhet van Ruvyen who wrote an auto-biography book Tale of Juliet which was about her life as a poor vendor to a very successful author. Sky Gavin, co-founder of was the one speaking when we got there, missed most of her speech though.

3. And there are a lot of freebies!

Here I am with my smug face because I won Fragrance Factory's memory game in their booth and made a record of 17 seconds. ;)

Yummy Nutella bun from San Mig Food Ave.

It's too bad we didn't get to finish the event because I needed to be somewhere. But it was a real blast! I am definitely going back on the next Blogapalooza!  I hope we see each other there fellow bloggers. I'd love to meet everyone someday! :)

Special thanks to my boyfriend for the never ending support for whatever it is that's going on with me. Even though he was (supposed to be) busy, he made sure that I wont be alone on the event because he knows how awkward I can be with people, hahaha. Credits to him as well, AJ took most of the photos above because I was busy hoarding  freebies! Always, babe. :)


12 November 2016

Photo Dump: A Night in Ayala Avenue

I went to watch my boyfriend's office basketball game in Makati last wednesday, November 9, 2016 and I brought the camera with me because I saw it as an opportunity to practice my shooting skillzzz, lol. Yes, the images above are low quality because damn it. Yes, I should have brought a tripod with me. And yes I should get my eyes checked again, because apparently it was good on the camera screen but not so much on my computer huhu. Oh wells! Tell me what you think on the comments below, yes? Thank you! :)
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