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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 2

The Sunday Currently #2

Reading - Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children. The cover of the book used to creep me out that's why I chose not to read this. But since the trailer was released, it seemed interesting to me so I opted on reading it just now. Though! I'm not quite hooked. My heart is not into anything right now, bummer.
Writing - I'm still on my Bohol Travel Guide draft. I don't know why I can't finish stuff these days. What the hell's the matter with me?
Listening - Random music people recommended on the "Comment your fave song below" post I saw on Facebook.
Thinking - about going on a solo trip this Christmas. Go on a soul-searching in the merriest time of the year! Ha! What an idea! Any suggestions on where to go? I'm thinking Baguio. How crowded does Baguio get when it's Christmas season? :)
Smelling - laundy detergent.
Wishing - I could have 30 hours a day. I wish I wasn't a slack. I wish I could go on romantic date. I wish the "something" in exchange for likes on Facebook stops already. I wish I was on top of a mountain right now or on the beach.
Hoping - to have a better weekend next week. This week was a bit of a disappointment.
Wearing - my ex's old PE tshirt and a boxer shorts. What, it's comfy!
Loving - old movies! I've been watching old movies at work. So far, Bonnie and Clyde is a favorite. But there's still a lot that I haven't crossed out from the list. Maybe I should blog about it!
Wanting - fujifilm XA-2 but I must must must not buy it. I've been using all my willpower to control myself on excessive spending and on setting my priorities straight. And I'm doing good so far! Chants "I don't need a new camera."
Needing - a hug. Money!
Feeling - a lot lazy, damn it woman. Yung feeling na I want to do a lot of things but tinatamad ako, wala ko sa mood feeling.

How is everybody's Sunday going? :)


  1. Miss Peregrine is a great series! :D I haven't watched the movie yet pero I'm looking forward to kahit ang daming bad reviews nang nabasa ko. xx

    1. I'll try to finish this series! Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Add Panglao and Cebu to your Bohol trip na rin! Hehe.

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

    1. I'm done with my Panglao Travel Guide, hindi ko lang macompose yung Bohol Travel Guide ko. lol better finish it soon! ;)

  3. I need to start reading the Miss Penegrine's books! I'm going to avoid seeing the film before I've read the first one XX

    <a href=">The Fashion</a>
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

    1. Reading the book first gives you the power to hate the movie if it ever turns otherwise different from the book! lol :)

  4. Baguio is a good idea except during Christmas season or Panagbenga Festival. Haha! It gets so crowded and you can't even enjoy long walks on Session Road. Almost every restaurant is occupied by families. And it's super traffic when tourists are flocking in! I suggest you visit Baguio during off-season for you to enjoy the place. <3


    1. I thought so, too. But it's the only time off I have from work and I'd like to experience Baguio when it's all foggy and cold. :(
      Though it'll be my very first out of town trip alone, so hindi ko sure kung makikipag-sapalaran ba ako. hahaha :)

  5. Baguio is crazy crowded during the holidays! I bet you'll enjoy it better when you go there off season. :)


    1. Alright, I changed my mind about Baguio now. lol thanks for the tip! :)

  6. What seems to be the weather in Baguio during Christmas? It might be freezing cold. Time to wear your winter clothes, Nika! If you plan on going, though. Hihihi.

    I also want to buy the X-A2 but I think I can still live with my canon dslr+prime lens for now. Hahaha.

    Auradelle // Parapixelife

    1. It's probably foggy, and very picturesque! That's why I wanted to go on a December, lol!
      X-A2 is a dream i'll be lingering on, for now! Hahahaha. Xx


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