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Bohol Getaway

After Panglao Island, we packed our bags and stayed at Tagbilaran City on Day 3 of our Bohol Itinerary.

Hotel: tr3ats Guest House (Tagbilaran)
We booked our accomodation via Agoda
But you can check out Tr3at's rates here.
Check in time: 2PM

After checking in, we went out to a motorbike rental at Palma Street. Our bike costs P500/day, say hello to "Shelby". AJ was really weirded out because I kept calling the bike "Shelby". What, it looked like a Shelby, don't you think? lol 

It was around 2:30PM that we decided to go to Mag-Aso Falls in Antequera. It's a 30minute drive from Tagbilaran City. Thank you so much, Google Maps! Entrance fee is P20 each + P15 for parking. Just a warning though, before you get down to the falls... there are a lot of stairs.
Only a few people (french peeps <3) were left swimming in the falls. As it was the rainy season, the water was not as clear, again, and the current was too strong so we were not allowed to go swimming near the falls. We just took a quick dip and headed home for it was already getting dark. The road back would be terrifying.

So then Pokemon Go was officially operating again in the Philippines and it was Suicide Squad time, we decided to go back and see the movie and perhaps hunt some pokemon on the side! Movies are much cheaper there compare to the cinemas in Manila. That's why we tried it!

Funny story, while waiting for the movie screening, we roamed around and began searching for pokemons. My data connection was little crappy, the DNS kept failing and disconnecting my Pokemon Go while the boyfriend was constantly catching them frickin pokemons! So ya'll know what a girlfriend does, I confiscated his phone and told him not to play until my phone's connection is okay. And he was really pissed about it, but did  he really have a choice? *winks

The next day, Sunday, we went to Church. We did not understand a thing because it's all Bisaya. We did not know that there was an english mass at 6PM. But we went on with the mass.

Then off to our Carmen road trip!

First stop was the Sandugo or the Blood Compact Shrine in Tagbilaran. It was pretty much this Statue. And this view.

And on to Baclayon Church, which was under renovation at that time so we just passed by it. But we saw the Albaqurque Church along the way, it was not a tourist destination but it looked pretty awesome to me so we stopped and took a few pictures. It was empty, there was no sign of human beings *char*, not even guards were around. I think it was closed or something, maybe not.

Then begins the long ride to Loboc. We opted out on going to the floating restaurant in Loboc river because I didn't think it was worth it. But I guess we should have gone 'cos by the time we arrived Tarsier Sanctuary, it was almost 1PM and we we're dead hungry.

Quick tip! Do gas up before heading to Loboc. It's going to be a very long ride and there will be no gasoline stations uphill.

Before the Tarsier Sanctuary, you'll pass by the Man-made Mahogany Forest. You can definitely tell that you're there because damn, it's beautiful. You'll really see the difference. It stretches about 2 kilometers along Laoy Interior Road. This is probably my favorite road to pass through, ever!

After for what seemed like an hour, we finally arrived at the Tarsier Sanctuary.
Entrance fee is P120 each. Normally, people get orientations before going inside the the sanctuary but there were just few of us at that time so we really didn't have to for there were enough guides to walk us through. They'll point on the primates spots. They're very territorial, so once they pick a spot, they never leave! Such cute things!

We did not stay long for it was getting late, we still had to go to Carmen for the Chocolate Hills. From there it's another 15-20min ride to Carmen. My butt aches from all the motorbike ride!

A piece of advice, never miss out on any experience! As soon as we arrived Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, someone asked us if we wanted to ride an ATV around the chocolate hills, and I said "Yeaaah!". Cheapest (shortest ride) costs P800, it was totally worth it. It includes a guide/photographer! It was my first time too!

After that, we went about the view deck and finally witnessed the majestic view of Bohol's pride, the Chocolate Hills. I immediately regret that I didn't bring a camera. *cries*

 It was a 360deg view! It was not as chocolatey as I have expected but whatever, it was such a wonderful view! I could stare at it for hours and still be amazed. Sadly, it was getting late and we still have to travel an hour and a half to go back so it was time to leave.

We chose the shortest road back to Tagbilaran via Catigbian-Carmen based on Google Maps. Somehow, google maps doesn't state whether the road is in good condition or not. It was a rough road! It was out of the highway or the main road. Some of the roads were still not developed. Some are alongside a cliff! I got excited, of course, but AJ wanted to get back before sunset because we didn't know what kind of road yet awaits us, haha! This part of the trip is my favorite. It's like getting lost in a foreign land where nothing is familiar!

We arrived back to the hotel at around 6PM. It was tiring, indeed, but the adventure's all worth it! We bought a box of well deserved dinner! 

Hope you enjoyed our reading! Tell me what you think on the comments below :)


  1. Looks like you really enjoyed your Bohol trip. Love the photos, Nikaia! <3 Can I ask what cam you're using?

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Hi! Photos were taken from an iPhone 6s+ :)

  2. Such stunning pictures! I can see you had an epic time at Bohol! You made me wanna go to a trip now!

    Makeup, Style and Sugar

    1. You should go visit some time! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. This place is super interesting and I lot more different from the places I've been before...
    I would love to give it a visit for sure.
    Great photos

    1. You should definitely put Philippines on your travel bucketlist! :)

  4. Awww I need to learn to ride a motorbike na rin! It's very convenient and cheap!! You should have tried Loboc buffet lunch. The food are nice naman.

    1. We just thought there was nothing special about the Loboc buffet, a friend told me the food were not that good as well so we decided not go na lang, less expenses na din :)

  5. How was your accommodation at Tr3ats? I was supposed to stay there last June but sadly I wasn't able to push through with my trip :(

    Little Miss Miera |

    1. Treats was okay, they offer really cheap rooms and very good service! Rooms are neat, too! I say 5 stars! :)

  6. I miss Bohol. The nature, churches, tarsiers, and the rustic feel. Hindi pa masyado ganun ka develop kaya ang saya lang. Probinsyang probinsya.

    PS. I love the filter you used on your pictures.

    1. So true, the fact that SM and Ayala malls haven't invaded the island yet is shockingly amazing! Thank you so much! :)

  7. I miss Bohol! I was just there last month. Seems too long ago.



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