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Panglao Island Travel Guide

Panglao is an Island located at southwest of Bohol and it has gained a reputation as one of the top destinations in the Philippines for the underwater scene is truly exceptional. It's top tourist spot is in Alona beach, where lies number of resorts, dive centers, hotels, and restaurants. If Bohol is in your travel bucketlist, include Panglao Island in you travel itinerary! 

How to get to Panglao:
From Tagbilaran Airport - you can ride a trike straight to Panglao. Usually costs about 200 pesos each. 
*You can also rent a motorbike from Palma Street in Tagbilaran City. There are about 3 places that offers motorbike rentals there. Price ranges from 300-500 per day depending on the unit. 
The tricycle drivers also offer tour packages! 

What to do in Panglao: 

Island Hopping Tour
Budget: P800-P1000
Duration: 6am-11am
Includes the following:
  • Dolphin Watching
Along Alona beach, you can rent a boat to see the Dolphins. Please note: you have to be really early so you'll be able to see the Dolphins. We already missed it at 7AM. :-( So boat rentals starts from 1.5k / boat. It can accommodate up to 8 persons so it'll be cheaper if you go with a group. After the boat will take you to:
  • Balicasag Island

Explore the clear waters of the Balicasag Marine Sanctuary where rich and healthy marine environment lies. It's about a 30-minute boat ride to the Island. Yes it'll give your butt quite an ache, but when you get there it'll be worth it. When you get to the Island, you can avail the snorkeling package, which costs P350 each (inclusion: a paddle boat that will take you to the Sanctuary and a snorkel, if you don't already have your own). We got ours @ P300 each because yaaas! The snorkeling activity is a must!! See the true beauty of the sea. (See what I did there? Haha) If you're feeling hungry, there are food shacks on the island but it costs 2x more from when you're in the city, so it's better to pack your own food. The next stop would be:

  • Virgin Island

It's called "Virgin Island" by the locals because tourists rarely visit the place. The beautiful paradise is popular for its white powdery sand bar, sadly it sinks on a high tide. And guess what, we went there on a high tide! People may or may not have known that the island is sunken that day, despite it, the island was still crowded with tourists. There are food shacks as well, they have fresh Buko juice, freshly caught sea urchins (that are not poisonous at all), and there was one selling banana cue as well! The island looked funny to me when it's sunken. It looked like a Water World market. 
Hinagdanan Cave
Dauis, Bus Terminal

Entrace to the cave

low quality because iphone only

This tourist spot is famous for this cave has a beautiful rock formation of Stalactites and Stalagmites. Also has an underground river which was pretty unusual because there are no rivers in the Island. The water is cold and is pure, you can actually see the bottom of the river. Worry not, going down the cave is easy because there are stairs. Just be careful because it's a bit slippery.

When coming from your hotel, you can get straight to Hinagdanan Cave by renting a trike or a motorbike or a habal-habal transport which costs about P100/pax. A cheaper way to get there is ride a habal-habal bound to Dauis bus terminal (P10/pax) and wait for a bus that's bound to somewhere along the same road as the Hinagdanan Cave (sorry, too obvious that I can't remember the bus route hehe) but you still have to walk a bit.
Entrance fee is P50 and that includes a funny tour guide! The tour only lasts for 20minutes or so. You can also swim in the river but you have to pay an extra P70. 

Where to stay in Panglao:

The good news is, there are plenty of hotels and inns in Panglao. We booked ours via - they offer cheap deals over there so why don't you guys check their website first. A traveler is fond of cheap deals!

Tip: it is best if you pick a hotel that is near Alona Beach because that's the island's capital tourist spot. So everything is in that area, restaurants, convenient stores, spas, bike/boat rentals, everything. 

You see, we stayed at Acacia Sunset Village Inn in Dauis, and turns out it was pretty far away from Alona Beach. (Check out my review for Acacia Sunset Village Inn) There were barely stores in the area, we could not find anything to eat for dinner. We stayed there for one night. And moved to Isla Divina the next day - it's a whole other story. *sighs* (I promise to blog about it soon!) 

We walked from Alona Beach back to our hotel. Dang, it was a good 30 minutes!
I hope this Travel Guide was able to help you with your travel itineraries. Please stay tuned for the next post! (Acacia Sunset Village Inn Review & Bohol Travel Guide) Xx

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  1. Hi,

    You are another blogger sister! HAHA cheers to our adventures! I went to Bohol din last year and Balicasag should not be missed. Sayang yung Virgin Island niyo pero you can always go back. :)

    1. Hi Bea! Yes I will definitely have my revenge on Virgin Island. Sayang yung picture perfect na island! Hahaha. It's really nice to meet you! :)

  2. Hiiii! Thanks for this guide. Haven't been to Bohol yet, but I'm planning to visit soon! ;-)

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Hi!! You should visit! It's a really great place, perhaps it's even more amazing in the Summer! :)

  3. This is my next destination, Panglao! I heard the island is so amazing! :)


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