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3 Things I Hate About Weekend Adventures

So one weekend, we went to Balite Falls in Amadeo Cavite, one of Cavite's hidden gems. It's only almost 2-3 hour ride from Manila but still consider the traffic. We decided to take a trip because we needed a break from the very busy life in Manila. But due to some instances, our day turned out to be a failure, it was a really crappy and tiring day. That's why I came up with a list of what I hate having weekend adventures.

1. There's a good chance that your destination is going to be crowded. 

Although it's an almost "hidden" destination, the locals must have really known the place. There was a lot of people, and although we arrived there by 3pm knowing the place closes before nightfall, people still kept on coming in. This is on top of my list because most of the time your photos are going to have photobombers (priorities).

2. The noise. 
The reason why I decided to have a trip is because I desperately need the time to relax a bit and release all the stress from a week of work! But then when there's a crowd there's #2. Not to be standoffish but you know, noise kinda adds to the stress, it ain't at all relaxing.

3. There's a limited time.
Five days of work and only 2 days for vacation. How unfair must life be? You can spend the whole Saturday and Sunday out of town but by the time you're on the way back home, you'll feel really bummed about how the weekend had passed by so quick. You can't extend for a couple more days even if you want it so badly because let's admit it, not all of us are freelancers. There are duties and work awaiting you. 

But then again, it's all cool and satisfying to know you've spent your day differently from your daily routine. Adventures are not about all the good stuff, it could either go awesome or horrible. But I guess that's why it's an adventure. You'll never know how it will turn out, you'll just have to embrace the experience and learn from it!


  1. I super agree with you! I don't like crowded places especially if I'm there to relax and chill. It just defeats the whole purpose of a "vacation." I remember when my family and I went to a beach and we were there early. By noon time, there were people blasting very loud music so we all just went home instead. Bummer! ;)

    1. We went home after taking a few pictures, as well. 'coz it just ruins the mood! Felt really disappointed that our weekend went from yey to ney. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Weekend getaways are hassle. I prefer to go out during Mondays or Wednesdays just to avoid the crowd.

    1. I know but you know, there's work huhubels. Thanks for dropping by Hazel! :)

  3. Hahaha!! Introvert problems. I feel you! :)

    Andi |


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