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Take A Deep Breath & Get Yourself Together

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Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling skeptical about something and then suddenly reality hits you... you're turning 23 in two weeks. Struck with the realization that life has been passing by rather quickly than it seems. You remember that time when you were 18 and miserable, that you vowed you will pull yourself together and swore an oath that you would be successful by the time you're 25.

And now there's this tiny feeling of anxiety growing inside you. Enraged about how you spent the previous years by partying, wasting money on buying stuff, that you surely won't even remember why you bought it in the first place after a month, making time and exerting efforts for the wrong people, and binging on FRIENDS as if you haven't already finished it three times. Yes, get mad.

Either that or you can actually start pulling yourself together. Here are some articles I have read and loved that might be of help with your dilemma.

8 Investments To Make In Yourself Before You're 30 by Camile Styles

My twenties were… interesting. The decade included lots of personal and professional growth, a few different career paths, multiple apartments, and the occasional “oops” with budgeting, that is, before I got serious about setting myself up for future success. Somewhere around 25 (ahem, quarter life crisis), I shifted into long-term thinking. I began considering how I was going to invest in myself so I could take full advantage of all the opportunities my 30s would bring. After all, I am my most valuable asset. From finances to style to friends, here are eight “you-first” suggestions that will ensure you’re ready for all the next decade has to offer
17 Things You Have To Let Go Of When You Want To Get Your Sh*t Together by Paul Hudson on Elite Daily

Our generation has much higher aspirations than any other generation before us. More people believe in themselves and because of this fact, more people expect more from themselves – and they expect it much sooner. Generation-Y doesn't want to retire at 60. We want to retire at 30.
Small Changes Will Change Your Life by Free People
Routines can be a wonderful thing. Consistency brings comfort, and with comfort comes ease. Plus, we can become incredibly efficient at accomplishing the task at hand – cooking a meal, putting on makeup, traveling from one place to the next…

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