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29 August 2016

FILM: Exploring Bohol

AJ and I have a thing on celebrating our anniversary. On our first year, we celebrated it in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. That trip was pretty lucky, because we won a 3-days 2 nights hotel accommodation in Palawan, that's why. But that's not for another blog post.

So this year we went to Bohol, because seat sales are the best! We had so much fun. Stay tuned for a more detailed blog post regarding my Bohol adventure: Bohol Travel Guide. First, here's a video I made after the trip. Enjoy! I'm such a noob in video editing, I promise I will get better. Hope you guys like it. I'm open for video editing advice and suggestions, please feel free to comment anything below. Enjoy! ;)

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23 August 2016

Take A Deep Breath & Get Yourself Together

Photo from @kattvaldez on Instagram

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling skeptical about something and then suddenly reality hits you... you're turning 23 in two weeks. Struck with the realization that life has been passing by rather quickly than it seems. You remember that time when you were 18 and miserable, that you vowed you will pull yourself together and swore an oath that you would be successful by the time you're 25.

And now there's this tiny feeling of anxiety growing inside you. Enraged about how you spent the previous years by partying, wasting money on buying stuff, that you surely won't even remember why you bought it in the first place after a month, making time and exerting efforts for the wrong people, and binging on FRIENDS as if you haven't already finished it three times. Yes, get mad.

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