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Postcrossing - Easiest Way to Collect Postcards

This is probably the coolest (nerdiest) site ever. Is it considered nerdy (old school, probably) if you collect postcards? Nah, who cares? Social networks are getting boring anyway, let's go back to snail mail! It's fun!

POSTCROSSING is a website where you can send and receive postcards from anyone around the planet. Fun right? It's already like traveling different countries through postcards. You'd get to meet cool friendly strangers and learn a thing or two from them. Whether it's about their lives or about the town they live in, or how their day went. You can write whatever you want in it! You will discover how creative people around the world are by the postcards they send.  What's more interesting is, it doesn't have an age bracket. I've received a postcard from an 8 year-old once (her mom's the one behind it but she let her daughter write on the postcards), and a senior citizen from NZ! You'd be amazed by the people who sends you postcards! They are all amazing people.

Plus it's perfectly safe! I know it will be weird and creepy giving away your address to a random stranger. But post-crossing already thought through about that issue. They have a Postcard ID's that you can keep track of the same way you track a package with a tracking number.

When you send a postcard, it is important that you write the ID clearly so when the receiver gets it he/she will have to register it to post crossing then you'll receive and email notification that ID-123456 has arrived it's destination.

Although you'd have to be quite patient with Post Crossing. It's takes too long for the post office to deliver. And because there's only a limited number of post cards you can send, hence a limited number of cards you receive. Every time you send postcards, your limit increases by one. The catch is, its not considered sent if the card was not registered by the receiver. Otherwise, it's a lost "traveling" card.

I discovered postcrossing from a Tumblr friend last year. She kept on posting photos of lovely postcards and I got curious if it was a hobby of hers to collect or does her friends just send her some. She explained to me how Postcrossing works and I got really interested in joining. But it really bothered me in the beginning because I have trust issues (lol) I couldn't just send my address to a perfect stranger, could I?
But I have been thinking about collecting things ever since, I just didn't know what to collect. I started collecting coins back in college but it's hard and quite costly. And then I thought about collecting stamps, but I didn't know where and how to get the awesome ones! So I joined postcrossing instead - postcards have stamps on them. Ta da! Fun fact: Sending postcards worldwide only costs P13. Cheap, huh? 

Just got these two and I'm so thankful to those who bothered sending me these. It's hard to find unique post cards here, I give crap cards from National Bookstore, I don't deserve these! But thank you! Potterhead, always!

Here are some of my favorite post cards! I have 40 in total. One of the things that makes my extra tiring day is knowing these lovely postcards are waiting for me in the mail. It's quite exciting, really!
Quick question, do you guys know where I can buy cool post cards, except National Book Store and Papemelroti, please? Big thanks!

So what do you think of Post Crossing? Oh come on, you know you want to! Sign up now and maybe we can be pen pals!


  1. I've been into writing snail mails since I was a kid and they were all DIY and I send it to my tito in California. He's a foreigner and receiving my letters made him so happy. Up to this date, he still keep my letters and sometimes if I have time, I write him letters on how my life is going. Although he doesn't write back but it's fine with me at least I get to experience the old-fashioned way of contacting the people we love. Hihi :)

    Last year, I received a postcard from New York from a friend of mine who got the chance to travel there and receiving it made me so freakin' happy!!! Ahh, the feels!

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. Oh yes. Imagine receiving it from every place in the world. It gives me such delight! You should try joining postcrossing, seriously. :)


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