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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 01

This is the first time I'm ever blogging about "The Sunday Currently". So here it goes... Happy Easter everybody! ♥

The Sunday Currently #1 Reading Percy Jackson and the Crown of Ptolemy. And hating it because I missed Percy Jackson so much and the crossover story is just a short one. Writing something out of boredom. Trying to write a novel. I've got awesome ideas that I can't put to words yet. Listening to John Mayer's Your Body is a Wonderland and I'm still melted by this song. Thinking about why the Percy Jackson movie sucks 100x. Smelling... I don't really smell anything. Wishing I went to the beach instead of being a #TeamBahay this Holy Week. But meh. Hoping I receive my postcards really sooooon 'coz it's taking too long! Wearing white button down dress. Loving sleep so much I don't know if I can still fight it when I go back to work tomorrow. Wanting to go hiking again. I want an adventure! I want to get lost somewhere! NOW! Needing money because I'm so broke af. Feeling sad that tomorrow is Monday and it's back to work.

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