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Why You Should Start Blogging Now

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There are about 152,000,000 blog all over the Internet. And the number is increasing everyday because a blog is created every half a second. Do you ever wonder why people make blogs?

To begin with, what is blogging anyway? It's not just some stupid shit people do on the internet to pass the time. It's more than that. But let's start with the definition first.

The word blog was derived from the word web log which is a website wherein you can post entries in reverse chronological order. Entries may contain your day-to-day activities like any typical journal, a collection of photos from your latest travel, videos and short films that you love doing as a hobby, an open letter to the president of your country or even your past lover, basically a Blog contains just about anything you want it to.

I've asked a few people from my old blog (Tumblr) why they blog, and their answers were:

coldberries: Basically, I find blogging fun because it helps me organize my ideas, put my feelings into words, and share it not only for the sake of readers but also for my “backreading” purpose – the latter most of the time! I love reading my old posts and whisper to myself, “Ay, nangyare pala ‘to?” 😂 something like that. I also love reading other people’s entries – they inspire me in a lot of things and I want to inspire others, too, even in the simplest way I could. ☺  
herheavybones: I started blogging at 2010 and the main reason was only for social activities, it was the trend before at that time. Only then after a few months when I took blogging a little serious because I know that I was more capable of expressing my feelings through writing/blogging. Also, I do blog because its one of the best resorts for keepsakes memories--good or bad. Its always nice to read and acknowledge old blog posts I have and having that nostalgic feeling from time to time whenever I do. :-)
herquiescent: I run a personal blog, so I’ve got two main reasons why I blog: (1) for life documentation purposes aka online diary; and (2) as a means of expressing myself freely, like blabbing about my thoughts, musings, random ramblings, sharing my interests, and whatnot without having to bother particular persons (friends and/or family) then just have them listen to my rants. I might annoy them, y'know, and I don’t want to be a nuisance. Plus the fact that I am not the showy/expressive kind. I would also want to help and inspire others through my blog, but I’m still in the process of figuring out ways to. :) 
alongwiththerideI actually started my blog when I was 13 and sad. Haha, funny (and pathetic), some may say, but yes, that was what pushed me. Now, I blog because I want to have an outlet, an avenue for the thoughts that cant just be kept at the back of my mind. It helps me a lot every time I feel the need to nurse my heart and soul. And also, people in tumblr are great. :)  
nikkiissh: It started as an escape from my day-to-day life but now, it exists as so much more than that. We all need a little creativity in our lives and i'd like to say that blogging keeps my creative juices flowing. My core intentions have changed so much over time as I discover new things about myself. So there you go, on a personal level, running a blog nurtures my creativity and helps me discern things (about myself) that I wasn't aware of. Sorry if it's a tad long, can't quite gather my thoughts! :)

Speaking for myself, I have been in the blogosphere way back 2009, thanks to Tumblr, but with a few years gap in between. I think it happens to a blogger every now and then, going hiatus in the blogosphere is a pretty normal thing, because, whether we like it or not, there's still the reality— a.k.a. our jobs, school, and whatnot. Unless, you know, you're a full time blogger, I can't argue with that.
As I was saying, I started a blog for the sole purpose of having my memories documented. I'm the type that doesn't want to forget memories — good or bad. I made one so I can always go back to it whenever I feel nostalgic and then have a laugh at it after, surely.

So here are some reasons why you should consider making a blog:
1. It allows you to document your life - as I was saying, like a journal, you can always blog about a memory you want to preserve, good or bad, happy or sad,  if it's a memory you want to keep, then blog away.
2. It eases your personal problem - blogging is a good way to vent and just speak your heart out. People might read it, which is a bit scary I know, but then somehow that's why you're writing it on a blog. The thought of having someone read it, someone can finally understand why you're you is quite uplifting.
3. It increases your network - perks of having a blog is being able to meet new people, new friends, and yep, from all around the world. Yey!
4. It can earn you money - yes, your blog can earn money in many different ways. There's advertising and sponsorships. Blogging is also a great boost for your offline business as it can be viewed by many people from all over the globe.
5. It gives you freedom - we all know how much freedom we have in the internet (I think it's getting out of hand, too). Express all you want, talk shit all you want, you are your own boss in your blog. Just try not to violate anything from the "Terms and Conditions", lol.
6. You can inspire people - through your posts, your stories, you can be an inspiration to other people. Also, it works both ways.
7. It's free - just sign up in any blogging platforms you want and you can start blogging today!

So these are some of the reasons why you should start a blog. What's stopping you in making one? Having a blog takes time and discipline, but it's fun all the same. Xx

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