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BGC Murals

Whenever I am strolling at Bonifacio Global City, in Taguig, I can't help but feel nostalgic about it. I will always remember BGC as the place where we go jogging, do some exercises, play sports, and maybe just hang out when we were younger. People filled the place at 5 in the morning. Some are playing volleyball, some with badminton rackets on their hands but I tell you, it's hard to play badminton back then because it's quite windy, and there's a whole bunch of people jogging around the blocks, others just came in there to meet some friends and hang. Yes, in the morning.

Apparently, there were no tall buildings in BGC back in the early 2000's. All you're able to see is a lot of open space with green grass and empty streets. But there were a few establishments built that time, like Jollibee and a few more on 31st street, and McDonald's on Forbes town, but no tall buildings yet. BGC has developed too fast. It was like they just dropped the buildings there and poof, it's a freaking city. 

So anyways, I'm blogging about what AJ and I did on Valentine's day this year. We went mural-hunting in BGC since there is a lot of murals out there. Some in places you'd never expect it to be. But then, we've only found a few of it and because we didn't know where to look, we started the hunt from High Street. 

With the Instargam boyfriend of mine. I forgot to take a picture of how this shot was taken, considering no tripod was used. LOL. I just placed the camera above a bush. Good thing it carry the weight of the cam. :)

BGC is a very picturesque city. You can find a good spot to take a photo almost anywhere. While the hunt, we have encountered many blogger/instagrammers who is either having their OOTD's taken, having a photoshoot, or just taking selfies with the amazing wall arts.  Having arts like this in a very busy city, ingenious. A little something to remind everyone to have a good day and smile despite the stressful day at work.

These are just some of the wall arts in BGC, I know there's more. So the hunt is not over yet, better stay tuned for city adventures! 


  1. I haven't really seen the mural arts in BGC yet. I think I'm way too behind the bandwagon. Hahahaha! It's fascinating to know though na you're a true blue BGC person! I think I'm feeling the same way everytime I go home to Sta. Rosa. It's still on the way to its big civilized self pero I can feel the change there already.

    1. You should try visiting the wall arts there, it's amazing! Oh Sta. Rosa. We used to come there sometimes when we we're kids because a relative of mine lived there but later migrated to Ireland. We drove past Sta. Rosa December last year and the development was... wow! I hardly recognized the place!

  2. Hi, please teach me how to go there. I really want to go there, but i don't how. :(

    1. Hi! You can ride the BGC bus near Ayala MRT station and take the route that circles around BGC. You can also take a jeepney ride from Guadalupe bound to Gate 3 and alight at Market Market, you can start your stroll right there. Or you know, you can take a cab. It's really nice there, the place is blogger friendly, lol! :)

  3. I've always heard about the famous BGC murals and I've seen some of them on the internet, but most of the murals here are way new to me! Kudos for taking us into a tour, ate Nika! :) I just wish I could go here someday. They're really pretty and artsy!

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

    1. I know! I've seen some on the internet also, but not these. I haven't seen the rest, so I will probably post another haha. Come to Manila please! I hope we'll be able to meet soon! :)


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