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21 February 2016

BGC Murals

Whenever I am strolling at Bonifacio Global City, in Taguig, I can't help but feel nostalgic about it. I will always remember BGC as the place where we go jogging, do some exercises, play sports, and maybe just hang out when we were younger. People filled the place at 5 in the morning. Some are playing volleyball, some with badminton rackets on their hands but I tell you, it's hard to play badminton back then because it's quite windy, and there's a whole bunch of people jogging around the blocks, others just came in there to meet some friends and hang. Yes, in the morning.

Apparently, there were no tall buildings in BGC back in the early 2000's. All you're able to see is a lot of open space with green grass and empty streets. But there were a few establishments built that time, like Jollibee and a few more on 31st street, and McDonald's on Forbes town, but no tall buildings yet. BGC has developed too fast. It was like they just dropped the buildings there and poof, it's a freaking city. 


07 February 2016

Why You Should Start Blogging Now

[Photo credits to the owner]

There are about 152,000,000 blog all over the Internet. And the number is increasing everyday because a blog is created every half a second. Do you ever wonder why people make blogs?

To begin with, what is blogging anyway? It's not just some stupid shit people do on the internet to pass the time. It's more than that. But let's start with the definition first.

The word blog was derived from the word web log which is a website wherein you can post entries in reverse chronological order. Entries may contain your day-to-day activities like any typical journal, a collection of photos from your latest travel, videos and short films that you love doing as a hobby, an open letter to the president of your country or even your past lover, basically a Blog contains just about anything you want it to.

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